To the editor:

Maybe Marcy Wagner should get her facts straight before writing a letter to the editor ("Where did you come from?" July 26). First of all, the Moe Township chairperson didn’t shout, he asked, “What world did you come from that you document everything that you do and you see and you hear?” Also his comment was to you, not your Army veteran father, as you call him, because you did all the talking, not him. She stated the backstory was about parking restrictions on her cul-de-sac (dead end turn-around) and that’s not true, because I brought up two other cul-de-sacs that I have seen parking issues that the board should look at also. Whatever decision they come up with will be for all cul-de-sacs, not just the one she lives on.

I served as a supervisor on the Moe Township board for seven years, so I feel I have good knowledge of how township government works and have nothing but respect for those who serve on these boards. In regards to “incident logs,” each supervisor tracks issues in their own way, like one of the supervisors at the meeting held up his phone and stated, “This my incident log.” Some issues are discussed at the meetings but I would say most aren’t because they have already been put to rest.

Ms. Wagner’s reference to President Trump and Rep. Omar has nothing to do with this, and like mainstream media, she chose to state only part of the comment and left out the part that defined what he really said. I can’t help but think that all of this stems from her being denied a “conditional use permit” by the county for her company she wanted to be located there.

Rod Johnson

Alexandria, MN