To the editor:

In 2019, 142,670 Americans will die in this country from lung cancer. Of which, it is estimated an average of 181 women die each day, making it the number one cancer killer of both women and men.

I live with this knowledge every day because I suffer from this disease. I was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer six years ago.

Last week, I joined the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, along with lung cancer survivors and advocates from all over the country in Washington, DC for the 2019 National Advocacy Summit.

I met with staff from U.S. Rep. Peterson’s, Sen. Klobuchar's and Sen. Smith's offices to tell my personal story to amplify the urgent need for increasing funding for lung cancer research, as well as, the passage of H.R. 2222/S.1107, the Women and Lung Cancer Research and Preventive Services Act of 2019.

I'm happy to report that Rep. Peterson signed on right away.

Today, I’m more empowered than ever before to commit my energy to raising awareness here in our community as well. By sharing my personal story about living with lung cancer, I hope to put a real face on this disease and start meaningful discussions about how it impacts patients and those we love, so we can begin focusing on a cure for this deadly disease.

Shelly Engfer-Triebenbach

Osakis, MN