To the editor:

Recently, Rep. Paul Anderson sent a newsletter to constituents with misleading information about transit funding. The fact of the matter is that money used to fund transit is separate from money that funds roads and bridges. Talking about funding transit and funding roads and bridges is not a fair comparison. The newsletter also complains about Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposal for long-term, stable funding to make our roads and bridges safe.

Instead of using misleading numbers and criticizing Gov. Dayton’s plan, Rep. Anderson should be honest about the fact he doesn’t have a real plan to fix our roads and bridges. The only so-called plan that Rep. Anderson supports is the one Republican Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt said would “starve out” the general fund, costing our schools, hospitals, and HHS millions of dollars in the long run.

Rep. Anderson, please do not take money away from schools and seniors to pay for safe roads and bridges. There is time left in the session for Democrats and Republicans to find a compromise on this issue. We are counting on you to do the right thing.

Susanne Engstrom

Alexandria, MN