To the editor:

"Storm Area 51 Sept 20, 2019: We wants to see us some aliens!" Is a Facebook group. It slowly built to 150,000 people over the course of a year, then my kids lit it up last week right before it jumped to 500,000 in four days. Then the Pentagon issued a statement something like: "The United States Air Force will use whatever means necessary including lethal force to defend Area 51 from any foreign or domestic threat."

It reminds me of the demise of the Occupy movement: the NADA authorizing the indefinite detention of protesters. The movement died. Threaten it, it dies.

Until you get a bunch of kids who are about to turn 24 in their parents basement and lose their parents health care, and who already decided in fourth grade during the Iraq war that they never wanted to have kids. They'll emerge broke, working a low wage job, and with not much hope of any American Dream.

They aren't impressed with the military. They know that the fighting was for the interests of those who have part and parcel dismantled the "American Dream" in an orchestrated and sinister fashion over the last 50 years.

Millennials know this. They know a crap-load of stuff. They aren't fooled: They're ill-impressed. And they're sick of sell-out, yuppie, materialistic, brown-nosing, narcissistic, Alex P. Keaton, Reagan Youth, entitled and balding, unawakened and brainwashed 40-somethings telling them about the American Dream. Now the same people are threatening them over a joke.

Watch out: Millennials are getting restless, and they have a lovely penchant for giving zero you-know-whats, and flash mobbing. Wouldn't it be great if they re-started the Occupy movement?

Help us, Millennials: You're our only hope. Really, it could be a thing.

Judd Hoff

Forada, MN