Letter: Energy innovation would be good for rural areas

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To the editor:

I was surprised during Super Bowl advertising breaks that no less than three car makers bragged up their new electric models. But many of us are waiting on buying that new electric because of concerns about the availability of recharging stations.

That was addressed in the failed Congressional bill that the administration is now breaking up into more supportable pieces. The bill also contained funds for modernizing the electric grid which now fails regularly, leaving millions without power during cold weather.

Let’s face it! Almost all of the modern communications devices and infrastructure we depend on were built on government support for their research and development. Think we would have the Internet and all the conveniences dependent upon it without the Defense Department? DOD support gained us world leadership over the past 40 years.

Now, we face powerful competition from a rising China and a belligerent Russia. Our fractious Congress needs to hear from us about these crucial energy issues. In spite of clear facts that energy innovation would be good for rural areas, our Congresswoman, Michelle Fischbach, has never given us any indication that she supports modernizing anything; instead sending us weekly letters stoking fear about the IRS peeking at our tax returns and asking for our support. Rep. Fischbach needs to know you support these energy initiatives. So, drop her an email today.


Jeanne Johnson

Alexandria, MN

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