It's Sam's Turn: Ranking my favorite Thanksgiving food items

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Sam Stuve

Thanksgiving might as well be my favorite holiday. It involves spending time with family, football and food, which I am a massive fan of.

There is often a debate around this time on which Thanksgiving food items are the best and I’m going to give you my take on it.

Now I just turned 23 years old on the 19th so the diversity of the food I eat might need to grow a little bit (or a lot depending on the response to this).

But with that said, here’s my ranking of 15 thanksgiving foods:

1. Cheesy corn hot dish


Being from the Midwest and all, I will eat about anything that combines cheese. So this for me was easily my favorite, and I don’t feel like I have to explain it too much.

2. Turkey

Need I explain more? Turkey on Thanksgiving Day is a classic. It’s a necessity in my eyes. I know this might be a boring pick, but it’s so common for a reason.

3. Macaroni N’ cheese

I know this might make me sound like I eat like a child but I just love a good macaroni and cheese dish. It’s an all-American classic that you can’t go wrong with no matter which way you make it.

4. Mashed potatoes (with gravy if you choose)

There’s nothing wrong with the classics, and that’s what mashed potatoes are at this time of the year, classic. It’s simple, easy and can go with just about anything you put on your plate.

5. Pumpkin pie


Pumpkin pie just fits the fall aesthetic. It’s a classic dessert dish that goes with the whole Thanksgiving theme. I know this might not count as a Thanksgiving dish since it's a dessert, but for me, dessert goes with almost every meal at this point in the year.

6. Dinner rolls

I know it’s basic, but so am I as a person. I like simplicity and that’s what dinner rolls are, simple. Add in some good butter and you have a nice simple side.

7. Apple pie

These next two rankings might be my most controversial. Apple pie is good don’t get me wrong. It’s another Thanksgiving classic, it just doesn’t crack my top five.

8. Stuffing

I might have this higher on my list than other people do on theirs but I view stuffing as a nice side filler to go along with the main dish.

9. Roasted vegetables


I’m a fan of vegetables, some at least. But I’m just a bigger fan of other things on this list, and I like my vegetables as they come.

10. Green bean hot dish

This is a very good dish depending on the cook but like I said with roasted vegetables, I just loved the top eight more than I do items nine through 11.

11. Pecan pie

I have a massive sweet tooth, but pumpkin and apple pie simply float my boat more.

12. Cranberry sauce

I can’t remember the last time I had this, and maybe I’m giving it a bad shake here, but it just doesn’t excite me.

13. Butternut squash


I’m just not a fan of butternut squash for whatever reason.

14. Broiled brussel sprouts

Same case here with butternut squash.

15. Deviled eggs

I love eggs, but just not this way.

For those asking where is ham? I don’t consider it a Thanksgiving dish, for me it is reserved for Christmas. If I left anything off of this list, I am sorry I just couldn’t think of it when writing this piece. Have a fun and safe holiday!

Sam Stuve covers a variety of sports in the Douglas County area. He also is assigned to do some news stories as well.
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