From the Echo Press archives, 1983: Alexandria approves 40-unit townhouse on Lake Agnes

This week in history in Douglas County.

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This Week in 1983 – 40 years ago: A proposed 40-unit townhouse project on Lake Agnes was given the green light by the Alexandria City Council. Based on the planning commission’s recommendation the vote was unanimous. The 11-acre property in question will be rezoned from single-family residential to single and two-family residential, which will allow townhouses in that area.

1973, 50 years ago: The City of Alexandria has a guaranteed source of electricity through the year 1979. But unless a new source can be developed between now and then, the possibility of obtaining low-cost energy after that date is extremely doubtful. That was the gist of the message Alexandria Light & Power manager, Russ Dau, gave the city council. However, some 44 municipal power operations are currently in the process of organizing plans to include themselves in the construction of a new low-sulfur lignite power plant in the western Nebraska-eastern Wyoming area which would meet future needs locally. Alexandria and all other municipalities involved are being asked to underwrite a proportionate share of $1 million for study and development costs. The city voted to join the study and Alexandria’s share would come to an absolute maximum of $130,000 over the next several years.

1998, 25 years ago: Rick Eckstrand, president and chief executive officer of Rural Cellular Corporation, received the Wireless 1998 President’s Award for his outstanding leadership in promoting safe and responsible use of wireless phones. The award was presented at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association’s (CTIA) Wireless 98, the largest gathering of wireless professionals in history. The importance of wireless communications as a safety tool continues to grow. According to CTIA, an average of 83,609 people used cellular phones each day to call 911 or other emergency services during 1997. This amounts to 30.5 million calls per year. This compares to 59,180 per day or 21.6 million per year in 1996.

2013, 10 years ago: The new Alexandria Area High School continues to take shape. In the last three months footings and foundations are in place for dugouts at the athletic fields, a permanent power line was installed at the site and a permanent irrigation well was installed. It was also reported that 100 percent of the footing and foundation excavation and construction is now complete.

Just for fun, 1983 – 40 years ago: Four Seasons moved The Locker Room into a larger area on the main floor. The Locker Room offers customers athletic and casual shoes and active sportswear. Dan Rooney is in charge of the new area of the store. The move of The Locker Room is the first step of Four Seasons expansion plans. The Locker Room was formerly on the store's mezzanine.


Also 1983: Amelia Santaniello, anchor newscaster at WCCO-TV in the Twin Cities, will be the keynote speaker at the Women and Wellness workshop at Arrowwood near Alexandria in April. Women of all ages are invited to attend to rejuvenate and revive mind, body and spirit. The workshop will feature 11 speakers presenting 10 seminars. Women and Wellness corporate sponsors include Alexandria Clinic P.A., Broadway Medical Center, Douglas County Hospital and WCCO-KCCO-KCCW-TV.

Sports Trivia, 1933 – 90 years ago: Over 350 students of the Alexandria Public Schools demonstrated their gymnastic abilities at the parent-teachers meeting. The new gymnasium auditorium was filled to capacity with an audience of approximately 1,500 persons. Students from each grade, 1-12, participated. Ninety-six selected students of the junior and senior high schools took part in a calisthenic drill directed by Harry Oestrich and Miss Louise Bennion, physical education instructors. Girls demonstrated on the rings, balance beams, ropes and tumbling mats while boys presented stunts on horizontal and parallel bars and vaulting box in addition to tumbling.

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.

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