An Echo Press Editorial: A new way of getting the news

Some of our readers are missing out on something – a digital membership that opens up a whole new way of getting news and information.

Change can be difficult – especially when it moves away from something you’re comfortable with and that you enjoy.
Consider the Echo Press. The print version of our newspaper goes back 129 years to the horse-and-buggy days and when something called “electricity” was just being developed.

We’ve gone through many, many changes over the years – and continue to deliver the news in new and improved ways.

Our print product is still very strong and we have a loyal base of customers. When we’re selling subscriptions during the Douglas County Fair we’re always amazed to hear from people who have been faithfully reading the printed paper for generations, some as long as 50 or 60 years.

But some of those readers are missing out on something – a digital membership that opens up a whole new way of getting news and information through your home computer, your smartphone or tablet.

The best part: It’s free for those who subscribe to the newspaper. All you have to do is activate your membership online, using the same information that you provide when you subscribe to the printed paper.


Don’t let that word “digital” stop you from exploring this new way of getting the news. And if you’re uncomfortable around computers, we can help you through it. It’s an easy process. It takes just a few minutes.

You will not only be able to read the stories that are in our Wednesday and Friday issues, you’ll be able to read breaking news stories, get statewide and regional news, see videos and additional photos, and gain free, unlimited access to newspaper websites throughout the region that are part of the Forum Communications Network, including the Detroit Lakes Tribune, Wadena Pioneer Journal, Perham Focus, Park Rapids Enterprise, West Central Tribune, and larger publications such as The Forum, Duluth News Tribune and Brainerd Dispatch.

OK, we know there are some of you who aren’t interested in surfing around the internet to see what’s happening in those other areas. You just want to read the stories that are in the local paper. Here’s another cool part about activating your digital membership: You’ll get access to a digital replica of the Echo Press via our e-edition. You can flip through the pages of the paper in the same way you do with the printed product. You can enlarge the text size, clip out crosswords or articles. You can also sign up, if you wish, for email newsletters on a variety of topics, and receive breaking news alerts. One other “spiff” – exclusive members-only discounts.

And this just in: We’ve now added comics and games – crosswords, sudoku and a dozen more fun challenges to our website. You can find them under “Sections.”

Remember, all of this is already available to you at no additional cost if you already subscribe to our newspaper.

For our print subscribers, now is an ideal time to activate your digital membership. You can activate your membership either online at or by calling us at 320-763-3133 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday. And, if you’re not already a subscriber, check us out online or give us a call, too. We are eager to help people unaccustomed to navigating our website get both familiar and comfortable.

Yes, change can be difficult, but it can also be exciting, freeing and eye-opening. In this case, it all starts with just pushing a few buttons.


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