Youth Outdoor Activity Day makes memories

Thumbs Up: The Youth Outdoor Activity Day on Aug. 29 was another huge event with more than 40 hands-on activities and a turnout of more than 3,000, according to Dean Krebs, president of the Douglas County chapter of Pheasants Forever. “We are excited that we are making a significant impact on youth and their families by providing outdoor experiences and memories that last a lifetime and this was apparent by the huge smiles seen throughout the day,” Krebs said. The sponsors, Pheasants Forever and Viking Sportsmen once again fulfilled their mission statement: To guide, direct, encourage and educate today’s youth on environmental activities while providing opportunities in building the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. Krebs, Viking Sportsmen President Chris Kleine and the Youth Outdoor Activity Day Committee noted that without the partnership of donors and activity providers, the event would not happen. Next year’s event is set for Aug. 28, 2022.

Senior center buzzes with fun, needs board members

Thumbs Up: This area is very fortunate to have the Alexandria Senior Center. It not only provides meals on wheels to seniors, it’s also buzzing with fun activities and recreational opportunities. It offers pool, bingo, book club, music, card games, cribbage, arts and crafts, MahJong, quilting and sewing, and much more for those 50 and older. The center’s board of directors includes nine volunteer members who are selected by members to serve three-year terms. Here’s how you can get involved: Two openings are on the board and nominations are being accepted to fill the spots. Nomination forms are available at the center’s information desk or by calling the center at 320-762-2087. Members may nominate themselves or others. Ballots were mailed with the center’s November newsletter. Members may vote by mail or in-person at the center’s annual meeting on Thursday, Nov. 18, which starts at 1 p.m. This is a great opportunity to join – and lead – the fun that’s always happening at the Alexandria Senior Center.

Traffic jam at Discovery Middle School

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Thumbs Down: We’ve been receiving some complaints about the new pick-up and drop-off lanes at Discovery Middle School. One reader called it a disaster with more than 100 cars backing up all the way to McKay Avenue. A team of school leaders, city and county highway officials and a local engineering firm came up with the new plan after extensive research to improve the traffic flow. Students riding the bus to school are being dropped off in the front of Discovery and student drop-off is in the back of the building. We’re hoping parents will be patient and get the hang of this new configuration soon. If not, it may be time to go back to the drawing board.

Doctors help AAHS students learn

Thumbs Up: An Alexandria resident sends a “thumbs up” to the doctors from Alomere Health who volunteer their time to the Center for Advanced Professional Studies, known as the CAPS program, at Alexandria Area High School. “They have provided the opportunity for students to learn the art of forming arm casts (then cutting them off) and also experience the precision it takes to suture pig skin – mimicking the need for stitches on a human,” said a parent of a student who is in the CAPS program. “The excitement this experience provides to these students is priceless and generates a true interest in the medical industry.”

Lingor did ‘heaving lifting’ for SCORE

Thumbs Up: Members of the Service Corps of Retired Executives, or SCORE, in Alexandria will be losing one of its key leaders – Jim Lingor is retiring. Jim Conn with SCORE said Lingor’s efforts at quarterbacking the program in Alexandria, enabled the rest of the counselors “to ignore bureaucracy and have fun mentoring entrepreneurs” while Lingor did the heavy lifting: Keeping SCORE bureaucrats at bay; providing entrepreneurial wisdom to clients over the years; and serving as a mentor in the trenches. “You are an amazing teacher and leader and I am proud to have served with and been mentored by you during these many memorable years as a SCORE counselor,” Conn said, adding that Lingor’s departure will only be recoverable if “someone with young(er) blood” is willing to step up to the plate as Lingor did many years ago.

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