From the Echo Press archives, 2011: More worksites ban tobacco

This week in history in Douglas County.

This week in 1946, 75 years ago: A building permit was granted by the Alexandria City Council for installation of storage tanks and pumping station by the Great Lakes Pipeline Company in the northwest edge of Alexandria. Estimated cost is at least $100,000.

1986 – 35 years ago: The gates are padlocked and the sun will set on the Sunset Drive-In. Tentelino Enterprises has now closed all of its outdoor theatres, calling this the “passing of an age.”

1971, 50 years ago: Alexandria police have been zeroing in on crosswalks lately, especially to those motorists who don’t yield the right-of-way for pedestrians. Officer Dave Benson stood at the corner of 4th and Broadway, another officer stood at 5th and Broadway, issuing mostly warnings, but said, “People may not see us next time, and we won’t be warning anymore.” A motorist must yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian in the right-of-way.

For the third consecutive year the Alexandria Area Tech has taken on the city to see who will give the most blood in the Red Cross Blood Program. And, for the third consecutive year, the Area Tech, with a school enrollment of 1,200, has defeated the entire city of Alexandria. A total of 536 pints of blood were given in Douglas County.

The 1971 United Fund Appeal has reached its goal of $22,500, according to fund drive chairman Martin Haar. The tip over the top came when a check for $25 was delivered to Haar at his home. At that time the amount raised came to $22,484.33, just $15.77 short of the goal of $22,500. Haar said the $25 check was “icing on the cake.”


1996, 25 years ago: In Douglas and Pope Counties last year, residents recycled 34.3% of their garbage. That’s an increase of more than 4% of recycling totals in 1994, and more than 7% percent from 1993. The aim for 1996, according to Bonita Gilbertson, recycling/environmental coordinator for Pope/Douglas Solid Waste, is only 35%. She described that as a goal that should be relatively easy to accomplish.

B.J. “Betty Jo” Rylander recently returned from a conference in Washington, D.C. where she was invited to give her input about how to prepare today’s high school students for success in tomorrow’s work world. Previously, the superb teacher gained attention through her involvement in a program entitled “Goals 2000,” a national effort to improve education.

2011, 10 years ago: There is a growing list of healthcare facilities and worksites that are becoming 100% tobacco-free grounds. Douglas, Pope, Stevens, Grant and Traverse counties have joined together to form West Central Wellness, a regional effort to promote community policies that improve the health of residents and reduce healthcare costs. The effort is funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Health Improvement Program (SHIP).

Mike Schreiner, president of the Alexandria Jaycees, reports that the organization has donated a total of $12,500 to local area food shelves, including $5,750 to the Outreach Food Shelf in Alexandria.

Just for fun 1971 – 5 0 years ago: Charles Kalina of Lowry won the first prize, a television set, at Olson’s Super Market 21st Anniversary Celebration. A total of 75 prizes were given away.

1996 – 25 years ago: The comedy “Lend Me a Tenor” will be presented at the Alexandria Area Arts Theatre. Cast members include Claudia Bursch, Bruce Braun, Bill Glade, Miriam Thornquist, Kip Sundlee, Pete Woit, Paula Glade and Sandy Susag.

Sports trivia 1971 – 50 years ago: Lake Minnewaska has been removed from the list of bodies of water in Minnesota from which no more than one meal of fish is recommended. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources came out with the statement that a second testing of walleyes from Minnewaska indicated that the mercury content was well within the safe limits for human consumption.

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.

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