On my desk is a page-a-day running calendar filled with inspirational quotes. It was a Christmas present from my husband for the second year in a row because of how much I loved the first one.

Sometimes, there are quotes that don’t really mean much or don’t really have an impact. I may agree with the sentiment, but it just doesn't have much punch. Others, however, hit me pretty hard and really make me think.

On Tuesday, Jan. 5, my calendar page read, “You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up. Give in. Or give it all you’ve got.” Underneath the quote, it said it was inspired by Charleston Parker, who I found out was a self-taught theologian and scholar.

Well, Mr. Parker, you did it. Your words punched me hard right in the gut, heart and head.

When I think back over the past year and all the miles both my husband and I have put in, I guess I have leaned more toward the give up and give in, while Al is definitely a give-it-all-you’ve-got type of guy.

Let me explain.

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I am not sure how it really got started, but we decided to keep track of our miles on a printed out calendar that hangs on our fridge. Each day, we write how many miles we’ve put in. In doing this, we decided to start challenging ourselves to try and get 100 miles each month.

Al really pushed himself and ended up getting 1,249.12 miles for the year, which averages out to a little more than 104 miles per month.

I got in 1,179.18 miles for the year, which averages out to a little more than 98 miles each month.

But here’s the thing: Al’s were running miles, while mine were a combo of both running and walking. Why? Because I tend to give in too easily. If I feel like I am struggling, I tend to give up. I don’t push myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of the miles. Miles are miles, right?

But now, that quote has been sitting on my desk and I have been staring at it a lot.

Why do people give in or give up? I will tell you. It’s easier. A lot easier. Right?

I think there are many people who don’t like to push themselves. They like to take the easy route. Giving it all we’ve got sometimes forces us out of our comfort zones. And I for one, like my comfort zone and for the most part, I am one those types of persons who like to take the easy route.

Yes, there have been times I have pushed myself and have not given up or given in. But if I am honest, those times are few and far between. But maybe it is time for that to change.

I am a person who does not really do the whole New Year’s resolution thing. But, I don’t mind setting goals.

And I think it is time for me to start giving it all I’ve got. It is time to quit giving up so easily or giving in when things don’t seem to be going the way I want them to.

On Jan.1, my calendar page said to “Be more awesome than last year.”

I guess that is what I need to do. I need – or should I say want – to reach that goal of putting in those 100-miles months and doing so by running more and walking less. I want – or should I say need – to start giving it all I’ve got.

What about you? When you think about your life and either the goals you’ve set or even in your everyday life? What choice are you making? Are you giving up? Do you tend to give in? Or, are you giving it all you’ve got?

I know what I am going to do this year. I am going to follow the advice of that very first day and be more awesome than last year. And, I am going to do it by giving it my all.

Will you join me?

“It’s Our Turn” is a weekly column that rotates among members of the Echo Press editorial staff.