1920, 100 years ago: When west-bound passenger train No. 11 pulled into Osakis on the afternoon of Oct. 13, some 40 minutes late, every window on the south side of the coaches was broken. The train had run into a heavy hail and wind storm between Freeport and Melrose. Passengers said that some of the hail stones were larger than hen’s eggs.

1970, 50 years ago: KCMT Television purchased the 100F building next to their studios on 8th Street and will be moving several administrative departments into the added facilities. Plans are that the two buildings will be connected and KCMT will take over the entire 110F building by Jan. 1, 1971.

The colonel is coming to town – Colonel Sanders, that is, with his Kentucky Fried Chicken. Bernard “Buzz” Sonstegard, who has the franchise, announced that ground was broken for the new establishment and he hopes to be open for business by the end of November. It is located across the expressway from the Dairy Queen south of Alexandria, next to the Hustad Office Building.

The Oman Supply Company Inc. building is ready to be torn down. Located next to the new Alexandria State Bank building, the Omans purchased the building about five years ago from the Carl Olson Feed Business and the estate of Harry Bedman, who had owned the business for approximately 30 years.

1995, 25 years ago: Student lockers can now be searched for any reason at any time by teachers and administrators throughout Minnesota, including the lockers in schools of Alexandria District 206. That’s just one of the “get tough” laws enacted last year by the State Legislature, which was determined to make schools safer for all students.

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Students who repeatedly skip school may soon find themselves without a driver’s license. A state law went into effect that cracks down on truant behavior and makes parents responsible for ensuring that their children get to school. A student is considered a “continuing truant” if he or she is absent without excuse from three class periods on three days in a single school year.

2010, 10 years ago: The City of Alexandria will soon purchase a 2010 Ford F-550 cab chassis and outfit it with sign maintenance equipment – all the items needed to remove old signs and put up new ones on the spot, including acetylene torches, jackhammers, a crane, hole-digging tools and storage compartments for signs and posts. Total cost of the sign truck is $81,314, coming from the city’s street department budget. The purchase was planned for, according to Bryan Bjorgaard, the city’s public works coordinator.

Geneva Road will be completely rebuilt from McKay Avenue to Birch Avenue beginning this fall. The road will be widened six feet to accommodate the bike lanes, which will link to other bicycle routes in the area, including the one on Birch Avenue. The project will be funded entirely through state and federal grants at no cost to the city.

Just for fun 1970 – 50 years ago: In the past, the Oman Supply Company Inc. building has been a seed and feed business building, a boat building and remodeling shop, a farm implement business, an automobile business, and at one time served as a livery stable. The building has always had the appearance it has now, according to people who can remember the past.

Sports trivia 1995 – 25 years ago: Tom Lehman, along with Fred Couples, John Daly, Corey Pavin, and Davis Love, are the only Americans who have been invited to play in the South Africa Sun City 12-Player event in November. The winner of that event pockets $1 million with $100,000 going to the last place finisher.

Dr. David Hartman, Alexandria activities director expressed thanks to everyone who supported the first Cardinal Fever Promotion. A total of $9,500 was raised for the Alexandria Cardinal Athletic Foundation.

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.