COVID-19 is something I take very seriously. Why? Because I am asthmatic and I tend to get sick very easily.

And when I do get sick, I get really sick and I am not sure what would happen if I were to contract the coronavirus.

But here’s the thing, I have friends and family who think COVID-19 is no big deal, that it is made up and/or it is just a political stunt because it is an election year. They think it’s overhyped and people should just chill out and go about their normal business.

Am I angry at them for thinking that way? Do I no longer talk to them? Have we gotten in any ridiculously stupid fights in person or through our keyboards?

The answer to all of the above is no.

Why? Because we are adults.

I am one who will wear my mask when inside a public place. I have socially distanced myself from people. I am still working from home. (Although I am enjoying the heck out of it and am so much more productive; go figure!) I am still giving out air hugs to family and friends or air high fives. I am a hugger so this has been hard, but I do it.

Why? Because I have listened to local doctors and local public health officials, plus the Minnesota Department of Health and I hear what they are saying. And, I agree with them and will abide by their guidelines.

This is not my area of expertise, but it is theirs and I like to believe they do know what the heck they are talking about.

But here’s the thing, I have friends and family members who don’t/won’t wear masks. They think wearing masks is nothing but a bunch of hullabaloo, that they won’t help and are bad for a person’s health. They think government is somehow infringing on their rights.

Do I give them grief for not wearing a mask or for thinking the way they do? Do they give me grief for wearing mine or thinking the way I do? Do we get into arguments and call each other names because we don’t agree?

The answer, once again, is no.

Why? Because we are adults.

When it comes to what businesses are doing, it is my belief that they should be adhering to state guidelines. I know several business owners, like Adam Graf and Dave Gibbons at Copper Trail Brewing Company and Natalie Goodwin at Massage by Natalie and many others, who do everything they can to abide by the guidelines that have been set in place by the state. I applaud them and think what they are doing is wonderful and frankly, the right thing to do.

If there are businesses out there that aren’t doing what they should be doing, it is their business, but I have to say I sure wish they would. But I am also not going to call up the owner and tell that person that he or she is a horrible person. I am not going to take to social media and get into arguments with them or call them names.

And if I need to go into that business, even if their employees aren’t wearing masks, you can bet I will have my mask on.

I am not sure why people are getting their undies in a bunch over this whole mask wearing debate.

I do what I believe in and I think others have a right to do what they believe in. But I don’t think there needs to be name calling and vicious attacks over the internet about it.

Does there need to be snarky political comments? Does there need to be hatred spewed over social media about it?

“You do you” and “I’ll do me” and can’t we just leave it at that?