Have you ever buckled a man into a straitjacket?

I never had. Until a recent trip to Florida, anyway.

My husband and I decided a beach trip was needed and before long, our flight and resort stay were booked. On Sunday, Dec. 8, we were on our way to Fort Myers Beach and I couldn’t wait to dig my toes into the sand and smell the fresh salty sea air.

Erin, a family member of ours, lives semi close and when she found out we were going to be in the area, she was so excited because her favorite comedian, who happens to be a friend of hers, was going to be performing nearby.

Confession time. I am not a huge fan of comedians. I don’t watch Saturday Night Live. I think slapstick comedy is stupid. I don’t watch half-hour comedy shows. Maybe the humor goes over my head or maybe I am just not a funny person. Either way, comedians are not really my thing.

Until our recent trip to Florida, anyway.

The plan was set. We would be meeting Erin around 6:45 p.m. at the Laugh In Comedy Cafe in Fort Myers. Mr. Showtime (aka David Scott) would be taking the stage at 7:30 p.m.

Thursday finally arrived and after a fabulous day at Lovers Key State Park, which included a three-mile nature hike in the “jungles” of Florida, a picnic along the water, a couple of manatee and dolphin sightings, a walk along the beach and then sitting in the sand watching the sunset, we made our way to the Comedy Cafe.

I honestly couldn’t tell you how long the show actually lasted, but I will tell you this, I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. I laughed the entire time. My cheeks hurt. My belly hurt. I honestly have not laughed that hard in a really, really long time. It was awesome.

The show – from start to finish – was beyond fantastic. Mr. Showtime was more than just a comedian, though, he was an entertainer, a singer, a performer and a magician.

And that is where the straitjacket came in.

Before the show, Erin left for a bit and had a chat with her good friend Mr. Showtime. My guess is she told him I wouldn’t mind being a volunteer if he needed one. She was right. I didn’t mind. It was a ridiculous amount of fun. Mr. Showtime walked down from his small stage and grabbed me by the hand, bringing me up on stage with him. Can I just tell you how bright those lights are? Wow!

He needed assistance with his magic trick – getting himself out of a straitjacket. And it was my job to buckle him into it. There were four belt-like buckles on his back and one between his legs. Yes, you can imagine how much fun he had with that.

When I had him all buckled in nice and snug, I left the stage, making my way back to our table.

When it came time for him to finally get himself out of the jacket, it only took him 27 seconds. I was astounded. The whole time, he was cracking jokes, never missing a beat. Seriously, I couldn’t believe how funny he was. My cheekbones hurt so bad, but it felt so good to laugh like that.

After the show, we got a little time to visit with him and I found out he has been performing for more than 25 years and that he knew at the age of 13 he wanted to be a comedian. Steve Martin was a huge influence on him and the reason he decided to do stand-up comedy.

In my opinion, he definitely made the right decision. He is doing what he should be doing because he is dang good at it.

He doesn’t get to Minnesota often as he spends much of his time in Vegas, but I guarantee you this, when he does get to Minnesota, I hope like heck I make it to his show. And maybe, just maybe, if he asks for help putting that straitjacket on again, I will make sure to strap him in just a bit tighter.