I will never understand the cruelty of some people. I don’t understand how people can get any type of pleasure from hurting or harming others, whether it’s verbally, physically, emotionally or even mentally.

Truly, why are people so unkind and mean and cruel? Why do they have to hurt others? What joy is there in making someone else feel bad by saying hurtful words or worse yet, hitting them? I just don’t get it. I never will.

And although I am not an animal person, I will also never understand how or why people take their frustrations out on animals. I may not ever have a dog or a cat for a pet, but for some people, their pets are like a family member to them. And that’s okay. I respect that.

There is this couple I know, Chris and Danielle, who live close to Carlos. They actually went to school with my son and are very good friends of his.

Last Friday, Nov. 15, their dog, Madis, went missing and they feared the worse – she had been shot. They didn’t fear this because Madis looks like a deer; she is actually a black dog. They feared it because while searching for her, they heard gunshots in the area.

Unfortunately, they were right. Their dog was shot and killed. But that’s not the worst of it.

In a Facebook post that evening, Danielle posted, “Someone shot my sweet dog this morning and might have dumped her body somewhere. We are in the Carlos area, but she could’ve been dumped anywhere in the surrounding area. Please contact me if you find her. We just want her back to say goodbye and give her a proper burial.”

I couldn’t believe it. Not only did someone shoot and kill their dog, they took the body and dumped it somewhere. What? Why? What is wrong with that person?

Chris also took to Facebook. He said that dogs have been a part of his and his wife’s entire lives.This dog, to them, was their first born child. They got her right after the two of them got married. They have since had two children, both of whom adored the dog.

In his post, Chris said, “Please help spread the word to help us find her body. We know she had to have been dumped somewhere local in a ditch or something. Please, if you see a garbage bag or something weird, look or call me and I will go look.”

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine what they were going through. And to make matters worse, they had a good inkling as to who it was who shot and killed their dog.

Turns out they were right.

Sometime on Sunday morning, Madis was dumped in the ditch in front of their house. Danielle said she had grass frozen in her mouth, which means she was more than likely just standing there eating grass and not running around, which may have made it hard to see she was a dog and not a deer. Her color, however, should have been a good indication she was not a deer.

It was clear to Chris and Danielle by the tire tracks that were left that it was the person they thought. Authorities have been involved since the ordeal started, as they should have been. Charges may be pending.

Like I said earlier, I am not an animal person, but I find this whole ordeal just sickening. I just don’t understand. And I know they don’t understand. They are hurt. They are mad. They are beyond sad.

Chris and Danielle were told it was accidental. And maybe it was. But if so, then why did the person not bring them their dog and apologize for what happened? Why take the dog? Why hide it for a few days? Why toss it in the ditch in front of their house? There are so many unanswered questions that the whole accidental thing just doesn’t sit right with me.

I hope authorities sort it all out and the person responsible gets what is coming. I know some will say it was “just” a dog. But it wasn’t to them. To them it was their child. Their baby. Their family member. And for that, I extend my sincere condolences. To Chris and Danielle, I am so very sorry for your loss.