By Michael Seymour, ATCC President

Alexandria Technical and Community College has finalized its 2020-2024 strategic framework. The framework, entitled Our Continued Journey Toward Excellence, reflects input gathered from both internal and external stakeholders. I am proud to say that ATCC employees, over 60 area business and community members, and a significant sample of our student body participated in planning sessions and shared their thoughts on opportunities for the college to do better.

It is interesting that our students, employees and community identified similar themes – improved brand, improved culture, improved diversity, and improved partnerships. This suggests to me that it can’t be business as usual. The challenge is maintaining our legacy while positioning the college for long-term success and viability. Our strategic priorities require an emphasis on innovation – change. We will leverage partnerships and geographic location to better serve our communities and to be more competitive in the higher education market.

Another consistent comment among stakeholder groups was to keep it simple. Our action plan(s) will be simply measured against our commitment to our students, our college and our community.

Our students

  • Our students are the reason for our existence and we encourage and recognize their achievement.

  • Our culture of excellence creates a supportive and challenging academic environment.

  • We serve our students by providing relevant knowledge and impactful student life experiences that empower them to reach their goals.

Our college

  • As leaders and mentors, we honor the importance of diversity in ideas, perspectives and people.

  • We foster curiosity and creativity to promote open dialogue and to facilitate a culture of action.

  • We aim to exceed expectations through ongoing assessment and improvement of our programs and services.

  • We continuously respond to the evolving needs of industry as we position the future workforce for success.

Our community

  • We are committed to continuing our tradition of innovative and extraordinary education that fills a vital role in the communities we serve.

  • We partner with local industry, educational institutions and organizations to strengthen the community culturally, economically and civically.

  • Our longstanding reputation as an academic institution of excellence is an asset that draws people and resources to the area.

Our version of keeping it simple is much different than ATCC’s founder Vernon Maack. He summarized the college’s job description this way – “Find ‘em, teach ‘em, place ‘em.” For the most part, our strategy of today remains the same. What is different is how we engage and serve our stakeholders - you.

• • •

Michael Seymour is the president of the Alexandria Technical and Community College. In the Know is a rotating column written by community leaders from the Douglas County area.