1919, 100 years ago: WANTED: A good meat and pastry cook at the 6th Avenue Restaurant, (Flint’s old stand). Ed. O’Brien.

In Spruce Hill: Everett Fredman was accidentally shot in the thigh by a stray bullet last Sunday morning on his way to church. The bullet has not been removed.

The Douglas County Farm Bureau Association met at the Court House in Alexandria and voted to disband. That doesn’t mean that the attempt has been entirely abandoned. A committee, consisting of Carl Augdahl, Ole Langhaug and Louis Anderson, was appointed to start a campaign of education and to call a meeting for the purpose of organizing an independent farm bureau.

1969, 50 years ago: More than 70 persons including city officials, business leaders, church officials, the aged, parents and students attended the Interstate Commerce Commission hearings in Alexandria at Garden Center. It was said to be the largest of eight public meetings held to hear testimony regarding Great Northern Railways proposed reduction in train service. The gamut of complaints ran from the inconvenience to students, to business use, and vacation travel.

The United Methodist Church has purchased a site for its new church, which includes eight acres of land, on East Lincoln Avenue just across from the Runestone monument.

Alexandria’s new Western Station Store, located at 10th and Broadway in Alexandria, is now open for business. Besides complete gasoline service, the new station, under the management of Ralph Pillotski, will offer a varied selection of merchandise.

An increase of 11% in the Douglas County budget for 1970 was announced by Robert Pennar, county auditor. Next year the budget will be $1.3 million as compared with $1.1 million last year.

1994, 25 years ago: Echo Press employees like their new “home” on the corner of Irving and Seventh Avenue East, enjoying the large space most of all. They remarked that the building is lighter, cheerier, more professional looking and far more efficient in use of space. The current Echo Press began over 100 years ago in Brandon as the Brandon Blue Bells. That newspaper began in 1891 as a voice for temperance advocates in and around the Brandon area, a small town 13 miles northwest of Alexandria.

The new 3,300-sq-ft addition to Old Broadway in downtown Alexandria will be opening in November. This will double the building space and total seating inside and outside (during summer months) will be approximately 475. What used to be the “lounge” will now be a new dining area.

2009, 10 years ago: Alexandria was one of eight Minnesota cities to receive funding from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority for improvements to drinking water and wastewater plants. Alexandria’s package consists of a $3.8 million loan at 2.4% interest over 20 years. The loan will save the city about $640,000 compared with market-rate financing.

Pete’s County Market is hosting its ninth annual Stuff-a-Truck Food Drive. Last year 17 pallets of food were collected, along with 195 “Random-Bags-of-Kindness” and $200 cash. All proceeds were donated to the Outreach Food Shelf of Douglas County.

Just for fun – 1919 - 100 years ago: In Spruce Hill News: Say boys! You who go hunting for wolves take Frans Christianson with you on your next hunting trip and you will have better luck. He caught one last week and a dandy at that.

Just for fun – 1969 - 50 years ago: World Series hero Jerry Koosman moved back to Minnesota to raise a family in between baseball seasons. Koosman’s type of people live in Morris, where he owns a $40,000 house; nearby Appleton, where he was born, and tiny Holloway, near his father’s farm.

Also in 1969: Mike Bah, a junior from Evansville, has been elected co-captain of the 1970 University of Minnesota Morris football squad. Bah, a defensive halfback and offensive end, has been a regular for the Cougars for three seasons.

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.