The change of season is upon us yet again. Soon we will be ankle deep in snow and shivering our way thru sub-zero temps anticipating the arrival of spring.

For now though, let’s take a moment or two, and reflect on what makes fall one of the most enjoyable change of seasons for so many.

The fall foliage is visual symphony of colors; the reds, yellows and orange are vibrant and impressive. The pumpkin patches exhibit an abundance of color, shape and size and they go hand in hand with the flavors of the season!

For example, peruse one of our downtown coffee shops and you’re sure to find a pumpkin spice latte on the menu or at one of the fabulous downtown restaurants and you’ll find pumpkin pies made from scratch no less.

The colors of the season definitely have an influence on not only the food and drinks we consume, but certainly the palette of fashion as well.

Cozy sweaters come in striking colors of mustard, reds and browns. Knit scarves and hats are the must have accessories of the season, not only to keep you protected from the falling temps, but also enhance the sensory experience that is fall. The autumn colors in a scarf or hat are like the sprinkle of nutmeg in a pumpkin spice latte…a must have ingredient.

Another ingredient in the recipe that makes fall, is deer opener for hunters in early November. The annual event includes a color in the fall palette that one cannot forget to mention or ignore — blaze orange. Perhaps the most significant ingredient, at least for some, blaze orange solidifies the arrival of fall. The migration of our hunters into the woods is an event that speaks to all of our senses that change is indeed in the air. From the faint sounds in the distance that signal the hunt is on to the truck one notices at an intersection that is a sea of blaze orange; hats, jackets and gloves on the dashboard. It is clear tradition that abounds in Minnesota.

And speaking of tradition, a traditional fall season in Alexandria is not complete without experiencing a different kind of hunt: Shoppers on the Hunt, an event coordinated and brought to you by Alexandria Downtown Merchants Association on Nov. 8-10. Understanding that tradition builds strong family bonds and relationships, the association believes that tradition can also help build a sense of community. Thus, the collaborative effort of downtown businesses hosting Shoppers on the Hunt enhances tradition and encourages an experience with family and friends that a click of a mouse just can’t elicit — a sense of connection with others, the community and the environment. So bundle up, grab that warm gingerbread latte and experience your downtown during Shoppers on the Hunt. The event is sprinkled with giveaways, in store discounts, treats and of course the opportunity to create memories and traditions with friends and family.

• • •

Patty Dusing is a business owner and serves on the board of directors for the Alexandria Downtown Merchants Association. In the Know is a rotating column written by community leaders from the Douglas County area.