1919, 100 years ago: St. Cloud Business College begins a new October term with classes in shorthand, typewriting, bookkeeping, banking, and Civil Service.

A.J. Shear, the well digger, has bought a brand new up-to-date well-boring rig. He has sold his old rig because he found that in some cases it was too small to do the work that he has to handle. He is now prepared to dig a hole from 10 inches to 3 feet wide and from one to 200 feet deep.

1969, 50 years ago: Bellanca Aircraft Corp. unveiled their updated line for 1970. Highlighting the line was the 235 mph Turbo-Viking with “Bi-Throttles.” Two other models shown were the Lycoming powered, normally aspirated Viking and the Continental powered Viking 300. Standard on all the models again this year is the “auto-Axion” automatic landing gear extension system.

”Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show,” a variety program, will be presented at the Jefferson Senior high in Alexandria. Headliners for the show will be Myron Floren, accordionist, and JoAnn Castle, popular pianist. Supporting acts will be Jimmy Nelson, ventriloquist and the Lou Prohut family, with Henry Cole as master of ceremonies.

R.J. Sullivan, president of Herberger’s, announced the purchase of the Olwin Angell Department store, a leading Aberdeen business for 82 years. No purchase price was disclosed as Herberger’s of St. Cloud took over the downtown establishment in Aberdeen, SD.

1994, 25 years ago: Minnesota First Lady, Susan Carlson, visited the Early Childhood Family Education center in Alexandria. Praising the Alexandria ECFE and Family School, Carlson emphasized that communities who pull together all their resources on behalf of children are pointing the way to a brighter future for all people.

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners gave its approval to a proposal made by Commissioner Bev Bales to begin the Star County application process. Bales said there are “numerous economic benefits” to being named a Star County. In addition to giving the county an opportunity for self-evaluation, the designation offers recognition for economic growth.

The Alexandria Area Arts Association received a $7,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation. The money is to be used to renovate the roof of the group’s downtown theater, recent site of AAA’s production of “Oklahoma.”

2009, 10 years ago: The nursing home and assisted living complex in Evansville, once known as Crestview Manor, built in 1968, is under new ownership; the new owners are Arlynn and Susan Johnson, a local couple. Both grew up in the Evansville area and have lived there all their lives. Evansville Care Campus, LLC will be the new name, with the nursing home being Evansville Care Center with a 42-bed licensed nursing facility and Evansville Senior Living, built in 1988, consisting of 16 assisted living apartments.

Just for fun 1969 – 50 years ago: A new and distinctive nose shape, called “Missile Nose” sets off the latest version of the popular Belanca Viking 300. The new nose design gives less aerodynamic interference to the slipstream and gains efficiency. The design was made possible by changing the intake system and the use of a different type air filter.

Also in 1969: An ounce of the moon landed in Minnesota when two scientists arrived from Houston, Texas, carrying the state’s allotment of Apollo 11 moon rock chips and lunar soil. The small sample will be studied by scientists at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

SPORTS TRIVIA 1969 – 50 years ago: The Ashby Arrows, showing the most explosive offensive attack in the Little Eight Conference during the past week, scored 22 points in each of the first two quarters and belted Kensington 66-6. Coach Chuck Anderson emptied his bench after the intermission and the reserves also put three touchdowns on the scoreboard.

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.