1919, 100 years ago: Gulbranson Bros. has purchased a new threshing rig, which consists of a “Titan” tractor and a “Case” separator.

There was quite a large attendance at the Lake Irene pavilion on Saturday night.

A number of farm boys are expected to enroll in the Vocational Agriculture course at the Alexandria High School. It begins late, allowing the boys to help in the rush of the fall work, and it lets out April 1, giving them a chance to help with the spring work.

1969, 50 years ago: More than 100 people showed up when residents of Victoria Drive in Victoria Heights celebrated with a street dance on their freshly black topped road which marked the completion of improvements including sanitary sewer and curb and gutters.

An increase of $5.50 per person per day in a double room was announced by the Board of Trustees and Administration of the Douglas County hospitals, bringing the total cost per person to $33.50. The new rates are in line with those charged in hospitals throughout the state, which offer similar type and quality of medical care.

From Cape Kennedy, Florida. (AP) – One of three launch pad working shifts is being eliminated and computers may take over some human chores during the Apollo 12 countdown in November. These are among the operational changes being worked out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as a result of manpower cutbacks and a launching schedule slowdown following Apollo 11’s lunar landing.

1994, 25 years ago: The Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission (AAEDC) shared top honors with Two Harbors for having the best “Business Retention and Expansion” program in the state. AAEDC Director Chris Gilchrist accepted the award for Alexandria.

The Alexandria Municipal Airport has been awarded a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration totaling $768,600 for improvements to its runway and taxiways.

27,010 people visited the Runestone Museum in Alexandria during the 43-day showing of the exhibit “Anne Frank in the World.” This was the first showing of the international exhibit in a rural community.

2009, 10 years ago: Evansville Elementary School was featured in Schooldigger.com as a top 10 elementary school in Minnesota. Schooldigger.com ranks schools throughout the state based on the results of the MCA reading and math scores. In the 2008-09 school year, Evansville was ranked 6th out of 429 elementary schools throughout the state.

County Road 45 west of Alexandria was closed for several hours after a tanker truck filled with unleaded fuel tipped over on its side. A small amount of diesel fuel and gasoline leaked from the tanker. Alexandria Fire Chief Shane Schmidt said the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, along with West Central Environmental Consultants, a hazardous team from Morris, were immediately called to the scene of the accident.

A new signal system has been completed for a complicated knot of traffic involving the I-94 exit ramps, County Road 45 and Highway 27 West near Alexandria. The $182,000 project is getting good reception from motorists.

Just for fun 1969 – 50 years ago: When residents of Victoria Heights celebrated their new black top with a street dance, the good music was provided by the “Seven Wonders,”a band of talented Jefferson High School students, including Alan Hanson, Brad Hanson, Chuck Wencl, Tim Christopherson, Perry Dyke, Bob Weinberg and Dion Farrer. The new road was transformed from a narrow gravel street which had been in existence for 17 years.

SPORTS TRIVIA 1994 – 25 years ago: Mark Vanderwerf is the host of KSAX-TV’s “Sports Beat” which airs every Friday night with game highlights, scores from the area, and the “Athlete of the Week.”

Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.