Music has always soothed my soul. I can feel it inside my heart, my veins, my whole body. It makes me smile; it makes me happy.

Music makes me move – I can’t help but tap my toes and bob my head to the beat. I often can’t keep my body from swaying to the rhythm I feel deep inside my soul. Music can calm me and music can energize me.

I like almost all genres. Rap, however, despite almost always having a great dance beat, is not a genre I am particularly fond of. But I am fond of blues, good ol’ rock and roll, country (although I prefer more of the older stuff to the new), some pop, some Christian and even some heavy metal.

Just recently, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting an Osakis teenager, Logan Lipke, who will soon be making his mark in the Christian music world under the name Logan Tyler. You can read more about him in an article I wrote that is elsewhere in today’s paper.

While at his home in Osakis, 15-year-old Logan Lipke plays guitar and sings to a song he wrote. (Celeste Edenloff / Echo Press)
While at his home in Osakis, 15-year-old Logan Lipke plays guitar and sings to a song he wrote. (Celeste Edenloff / Echo Press)

I interviewed Logan, along with other members of his family, including his mother and two sisters, on Aug. 22 at their home in Osakis. I then had another opportunity to meet up with Logan, his mom, two sisters and his dad, when the family spent time in Keith Martinson’s recording studio, Northern Heart Media, in Alexandria on Aug. 26.

My plan was to just go there to snap a couple of photos to accompany the article.

However, I ended up staying for the entire recording session and got way more out of it than I ever anticipated.

There are no words to accurately describe just how incredibly talented Logan is. His sisters, by the way, are not too bad themselves, but I need/want to focus on Logan.

This 15-year-old young man blew me away.

He writes his own music. He writes his own lyrics. He sings. He plays a plethora of instruments including the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, organ, saxophone, manolin, harmonica and several more. To say he knows music is a true understatement.

I watched him in the studio that Monday night play the electric guitar three different times for the one song he was recording – once as the base for song, another for the rhythm and a third, was a stellar solo that will be imbedded in the song at just the perfect moment. The moment he chose because he knows it’s the perfect spot for a solo.

I heard him sing so perfectly in tune to the song he wrote, along with the lyrics, the music, the melody and the tune. Seriously, to someone who loves music but has zero musical ability of any kind, I was in complete, utter awe over this kid’s talent. His God-given natural talent. I was almost spellbound.

That Monday night, I watched Logan as he effortlessly played the drums, tenor sax and organ, as well as sang harmony for the song he was recording.

It was so intriguing to watch the process of how this one single song came together. This song by the way, will also feature Logan’s sister, Madison, on bass guitar. Madison also snapped photos and shot video that night because not only is she musically talented, the girl has skill when it comes to creating her brother’s music videos.

As astounded as I was by Logan, I was also captivated by Keith Martinson and his recording studio. Wow is all I can really say. Again, so much talent and knowledge. If by some miracle I am ever able to carry a tune and find myself wanting to record a CD, I am definitely calling on Keith. For reals.

I ended up spending about two and a half hours in the studio with Keith and the Lipke family and even though I was only on the clock for about 30 minutes of it, it was well worth the rest of my time. I cannot wait to hear the finished product and I also cannot wait to say, “I knew him before he was famous.”

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