I've always kind of liked snow and winter. But this year is taking its toll.

It seems like every day we get more snow that needs to be shoveled and put somewhere. With all the snow piled up along the edges of roads and walkways, I'm starting to feel like a rat trapped in a white maze.

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A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to clearing the snow off the roof of my house. For the last month or so it was blowing off and didn't look too deep. But after the last heavy snow, it really started piling up. So, up on the roof I went. About 20-some tons of snow later (I calculated it while resting between shoveling), I was wiped out and my Saturday was gone.

As I write this (last Friday), it's snowing again - big, fluffy flakes - the kind that make you wish you were out skiing, or the kind that would be fun to watch fall if you were inside by a window with nothing important to do. But I'm at work, and when I get done working there will be snow to clear off the car again... and snow to shovel at home again tonight... and maybe snow to blow out of the driveway. It seems like it never ends.

I'm not the type of person who hates winter and wonders why I live here. Usually I sort of enjoy winter. It gives me an excuse to forget about all of the outside projects and chores and relax inside with a book and some hot tea. I also enjoy snowshoeing and both downhill and cross-country skiing.

I used to downhill ski a lot. In fact, I worked at Andes Tower Hills for several years and skied a little almost every day. But lately it seems like such a chore to find a block of time, get everything ready and drive a half an hour to get to the ski hill. I haven't skied at all yet this year, but hope to drag myself out there a couple of times in March.

So, I really don't hate winter. But this is getting to be too much. Maybe it's because I was sick for two weeks and still don't feel back to 100 percent. Maybe it's because of the neverending list of things that need to be done or things to be fixed - and everything is more difficult in the cold and snow. Maybe it's because I've been so spoiled by mild, relatively snowless winters for several years, that I've forgotten what a real Minnesota winter is like.

Or maybe this really is just too dang much snow! Does it really need to snow every single day to prove it's winter?

I just looked out the window again and the snow is really piling up. It's the kind of light, fluffy snow that covers everything old and brown and makes the landscape look new and beautiful. But it's also the kind that makes a mess of your day - depending on how you look at it.

I know, I should be looking at the snow more positively, but I'm just getting tired of it all. I'm tired of shoveling it, I'm tired of driving in it, I'm tired of blowing it out of my driveway, and I'm tired of seeing it come down every single day.

But really, I like winter. I'll just keep telling myself that until it's over. And when it's 95 degrees next summer, this all won't seem so bad.

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