To the editor:

We should personally rediscover the Bible. In a day when mental health is a most talked about subject, we should rediscover the Bible. At a time when politics can make one sick with worry for the future, we should rediscover the Bible. When money is the most consuming of all concerns (as it always has been in American history), we should rediscover the Bible.

We'll not find it to be some magic wand or some object of ritual devotion but a practical guide to real living. The Bible addresses the soaring joys and the gut-wrenching anxieties of life. When approached as an existential document about the very basics of what it means to be a human being, an individual, we find it full of life, help and hope.

The Bible frees us from endless dependency on other people, experts, group-think and conformity. It affirms to us real freedom to be our real selves.

I hope you'll look into the Bible soon.

Mark Weise

Brandon, MN