To the editor:

In response to the column about workforce, income and housing (June 26 Echo Press), a shift has taken place in those seeking employment. For employers to obtain ideal candidates, it is essential to create an environment which draws them in. I would like to address a challenge that is faced by those actively seeking employment.

The number of working parents has increased substantially over the years. Studies have found that women are less likely to be in the labor force if they have young children. Career choices are often made due to coordination of childcare services. Many parents weigh the benefits of being employed while paying on average over $20,000 in daycare versus simply staying home

to raise their children.

The statistics are striking, according to an article on CNBC (2019), 28 U.S. states, including the District of Columbia, have childcare costs higher than in-state, public four-year college tuition.

Tack that onto the amount of debt that graduates are swimming in, I believe employers need to weigh the amount of money lost by employee call ins, sick days, or quitting to inadequate childcare options.

Consider work life balance, happy employees are productive employees. Incentives such as on-site childcare will make working parents want to become a part of their organization. Take the risk and invest in your employees. It is not that society does not want to work, rather they need to be able to afford it while taking care of their families.

Anna Kotten

Evansville, MN