To the editor:

I had the opportunity to experience the Vikingland Band Festival Parade Sunday afternoon. I hope my kids stay in band because this parade is something special. What great music! And what a joy to see kids from all over Minnesota sharing their talent, marching down Broadway.

The kids I saw have grit. They perform with skill and grace when it's hot and smile through

it. I'm proud to live in a community that values our band kids and the tenacity it takes to be a part of something like that. Alexandria's commitment to this event is a reflection of what kind of people live here and where we put our priorities. It's one of the reasons our family decided to

join this community five years ago.

Heartfelt thanks to all of the local businesses and volunteers who make this happen every year. I paid attention to the businesses on the banners and we'll be supporting you. I didn't see Amazon out there supporting our band programs. Please join me in shopping locally whenever you are able to help keep things like this in our community.

Sarah Sprengeler

Alexandria, MN