To the editor:

I ask all Douglas County pull tab players, recipients and the members of the 14 nonprofit charities in the county who sell pull tabs and use the profits to fund local activities and community enrichment to do the following:

• Please contact your county commissioner, Sheriff Troy Woberson, County Attorney Chad Larson and Auditor Char Rosenow to analyze the Informed TV videos and Minnesota Gambling Control Board information and other insight I sent them for the purpose of justice.

• To convene a legal process of interviews and investigations, to further build a legal case against our state's stadium scam, a scam that jammed the state's cost of U.S Bank Stadium bonds down the throats of community charities like ours here in Douglas County.

• Focus, with a civic engagement goal, to convene a grand jury as soon as possible in Douglas County and move a case to trial, so our local Douglas County Court can declare the state's nonprofit taxation initiative and conceived accounting scheme to fund a big city playhouse for the rich and powerful, as unconstitutional. For it clearly is and will be proven, if Douglas County officials can just pause from representing the establishment and judicially represent our community for a change!

Alan Roebke

Alexandria, MN