To the editor:

I want to thank several people that helped my wife and I Monday afternoon, June 3, at the Lake Ida Public Access. I had just pulled my pontoon out of the water when I heard several crashes and thuds indicating there was a major problem. I had forgotten to make sure my trailer hitch pin was in place, the trailer came off my hitch, hit my car, broke one of the two towing chains, and was now hanging by the single remaining chain halfway up the ramp.

I was in shock, but luckily there were three nearby fisherman that jumped ashore and put rocks behind the wheels to stabilize the trailer so it would not fall back into the lake. Then one of them actually stood on the hitch while I pulled it from the ramp onto level ground so I could figure out how to get everything put back together so it could be towed.

In addition to the fishermen, Elaine and Joel Greer arrived at the launch after we had gotten up the ramp and happened to have an extra trailer hitch pin that I could use to safely trailer the boat away from the launch. Robert Draack also stopped mowing his lawn to let me borrow some of his tools to fix the broken chain. Thanks to everyone that pitched in to help and I am really thankful that no one was hurt and the damage was limited to my own car.

Reading about the tragic accident that happened in Sibley County on Sunday, I feel very grateful that nothing worse happened and it was at the launch and not on the freeway. Thanks to everyone involved and I implore everyone else to double check their trailers and equipment before they start pulling anything behind their vehicles.

Dave Murphy

Minnetonka, MN