To the editor:

You folks did a fine job on that article about my uncle, Arthur Hesse (my mother's brother) which was published May 26, 2017 for Memorial Day.

Arthur served his country by fighting on the island of Leyte, which is in the Philippines and he is now buried in Manila in a service people's cemetery. Art served with two of his brothers also.

I was talking to my brother, Dan Steinhagen about this article. (Dan has a military background) and he informed me that one of his brothers, Tom Steinhagen, also served in the South Pacific theater until 1946. With names like Hesse and Steinhagen, no wonder they served in the South Pacific instead of Germany and he said that wasn't necessarily true because they (the Army) needed German speaking soldiers to go to Germany to help with translating.

That probably explains why the folks spoke German at the house, when the talked about something that they didn't want us kids to hear.

Joe Steinhagen

Alexandria, MN