To the editor:

In response to Gretchen Obert's letter, I question why rather than disparaging me, she didn't make a serious attempt to explain and justify why followers of Islam do not at every opportunity loudly condemn the acts of violent Muslims, perpetrated against Christians, Muslims and innocent people in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Hers and the Muslim community's acquiescence speaks volumes. What is currently happening in Belgium (becoming a Muslim controlled nation), is what is destined to happen here unless there are changes. Gretchen Obert doesn't know me, but contrary to what she "wonders," I have had Muslims in my home and have visited Muslims in their home, where the Quran was prominently displayed. As a Christian I love all, including Muslims. What I hate is the insidious nature of the all too frequent senseless acts of violence perpetrated by Muslims. Gretchen Obert refers me to Karen Armstrong who has a history of struggles and shifting of her opinions on religion. I refer her to " Raising a Jihadi Generation" by John Guandolo, who is a recognized and qualified expert on the threat from the Islamic movement worldwide and here in the U.S.

I am not sure what her point is in bringing up the "lies" of President Trump, unless it was meant to justify Muslims lying. She has misquoted me. I did not write, "Get vigilant." I wrote, "Be vigilant." A big difference in intent! Also, I did not write, "Be informed." I wrote, "Get informed." She points out what the Bible says about lying (condemns it), but she fails to acknowledge that the Quran permits lying. Unlike in Muslim controlled countries, at least for the present, we still have the right of free speech and are able to express our opinions openly.

Jim Dyrdahl

Garfield, MN