To the editor:

I have been waiting for someone to offer a Biblical response. Since none have, I offer the following. We have had a false teacher in our midst (see recent back issues of Echo Press) and she was afforded applause and accolades. Church sponsors remarked how wonderful this person was and how pleased they were to get her here after three years of efforts.

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The pathetic part was that this presentation was promoted as part of middle schooler's confirmation program. The speaker, an ordained ELCA pastor, espoused Lutheran theology, but interspersed it with false doctrine. She told those in attendance what they wanted to hear in today's culture.

She twisted Bible teachings and overlooked others to justify her own opinions, lifestyle and behavior. Her teaching is that God loves and affirms everyone, regardless of their faith, lifestyle choices, etc. and there is never any need for real repentance or need to be burdened with shame or changed behavior, because God is never angry with us.

This speaker and those who sponsored her will be held accountable on judgement day for misleading of their flock, but especially children (Mark 9:42, Luke 17:2, Matt. 18:6). We are to help young believers to avoid anything or anyone that could lead them to sin.

We must never take lightly the spiritual education and protection of the young in the faith. If you have any questions or doubts about this speaker, pull her name up on the Internet, Nadia Bolz-Weber.

Jim Dyrdahl

Garfield, MN