Editor's note: This "It's Your Turn" includes comments posted on the newspaper's Facebook page in response to the Oct. 25 story, "Council approves indoor ban on e-cigarettes."

Sonya Zwieg: This is wrong because there is nothing in the juice that is harmful to anyone. It's just another right we have that's being taken away. I don't use my vape in public places other than the vape shop. So where is the harm in that?

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Jacquelyn Webb: How about don't make me smell your vape? It's not a right that is taken away. It's stop blowing your crap water vapor in my clean air.

Dustin Bulfer: You have the right to vape. I have the right to not have to breath it in or smell it.

Brian Hedstrom: A good rule to live by is that it's OK to do as you wish as long as you are not harming others. By breathing a harmful addictive substance onto another human you are infringing them. This ordinance doesn't restrict you from indulging in your delicious vapors. It just asks you not to breath it onto others in a confined space.

Maria Doucette: The public has a right to breathe air free from nicotine and e-cigarette vapor. You have a right to use these in your own personal space. ... You have the freedom to inhale and ingest whatever you'd like, but you are not free from the consequences of your actions!

Ali Robinson: E-cigs stink and I'm a regular smoker. I don't like smelling either one, especially indoors.

Jessica Bratsch: Good. Indoor ban preserves the health of others who choose not to partake.

Sarah Anderson: I agree with this only because I don't think it's OK to go to public indoor events with my children and have to walk through a haze that someone just blew in our direction.

Leah Lindgren: Besides the vape stores, where could a person even vape indoors? I do vape, and have always gone outside when in public, like smokers have to. I personally haven't seen anyone vape indoors anywhere in Alex. Maybe others have, I was always under the "assumption" that it was treated like smoking. Maybe I've missed something.

Trista Hovendick: Unfortunately people do it indoors. I was at a movie and a guy a few seats over was doing it through the whole movie, just an annoying smell.

Keith Moistt: Yep, in a year going to be that smokers have more freedoms.

Gage Michael Sonczalla: Still gonna do it anyways.

Jason Ebacher: Loophole for vape shops/lounges: Become a members only club, not a public space. You can thank me later.

Loree D. Robinson: It is our right to vape. This is so ridiculous. Why don't they gang up on drinkers who drive and kill innocent people who have way too much at the bar. But that's fine. I am gonna vape where I want.

Heather Krueger: As long it's not obnoxious clouds of vapor, why not?

Michael Wolf: The original e-cigs wouldn't let you vape a big cloud like they do now. Also, they didn't smell. After modifications and other stuff to make it more profitable, they are not just a little thing on the side.

Sonja Peterson Folger: Aftershave cologne and perfume are harmful to COPD and asthmatics. Where's the ban on that?

Danielle Jo: I personally think that a lot of e-cigs stink and make me cough but it should be up to the place of business.

Rob Slack: Everyone missed the key point of the article. It basically relates to a business possibly having to relocate over a loophole in the way a tobacco law is written but you didn't go to the city council meeting.

Desiree Ostendorf Burns: I work for Infinite Vapor and I have almost every day a new customer who wants to quit smoking. It's the main reason I love my job so much, to help others quit smoking. But yeah, we are already looking at the fact that we will have to move and we feel it's gonna hurt both the tattoo shop and us.

Christine Fischer: The city seemed to single out Infinite Vapor with this ordinance because as far as I know they are the only shop that cohabitates with another business. The fact that the other business is primarily an adult only business doesn't seem to matter, which is unfortunate. ... No matter where Infinite Vapor is, I will continue to be a patron. I'm just worried that all the regulation will make vaping as expensive as smoking.