To the editor:

The Supreme Court, in July 2015, legalized gay marriage. The majority wrote the ruling poses no threat to religious freedoms. However, what has happened is the LGBTQ has become emboldened. If anyone states their religious beliefs publicly, they are labeled "bigots and homophobes" and treated such by media and courts. Wedding vendors, business and government leaders, students, military personnel,etc. are punished, silenced, sued or fined for Christian convictions. LGBTQ is pushing for forced acceptance. Anyone who questions is labeled "haters and bigots."

The Equality Act passed by the House of Representatives will become law if the Democrats gain control of the Senate and presidency in 2020. If the act becomes federal law, it will forbid churches, religious schools, religious non-profits, etc from hiring only workers who abide by Christian standards. The act attempts to make sure LGBTQ rights trump religious freedom, making religious freedom a secondary right and eliminating the religious freedom defense.

Liberal feminists should be concerned. Biological sex will be meaningless, creating an uneven playing field in women's athletics. We are seeing this in some states. In Connecticut two biological males taking female hormones finished first and second in high school girls athletics, with the winner setting a state record. The act dissolves decades of women's achievements.

Medical personnel will be required to provide and perform sex gender treatments and health insurance forced to provide coverage without exception. Under threat of litigation and prosecution free speech and thought will be suppressed. (Unamerican). The idea that marriage is between man and woman and male and female being biological facts, will be in the past. Equality, but not when it infringes at the expense or elimination of free speech and individual rights. The act is too far-reaching and must not become law.

Jim Dyrdahl

Garfield, MN