To the editor:

Thank you, Sylvia Luetmer, for your letter to the editor (June 28) in response to my letter to the editor. I am in complete agreement on the need of education regarding responsible sexual behavior, which you addressed. However, there is more than one side to the story. You stated that men and boys need to use protection or understand that "No" means no. No sperm, no baby, no abortion. An other side to this is that women need to use protection and stand firm on "No" means non-consent. No egg, no baby, no abortion. But there still remains a mostly ignored side and that is of the unborn baby.

Who is representing the developing human fetus? Legally, its life can be taken before birth but any time after, it becomes a crime. Civilly, damages can be awarded damages before birth, but there is no crime. Criminally there is no due process for representation of the fetus before being put to death. How can this be? You say that "it's high time we stop quarreling and get down to working on real solutions." I completely agree. Organized, controlled discussion without protesting is the only way to solve this problem.

I will agree to meet with you or a small group to work on this issue. I would request a list of persons attending and list of topics to be discussed for preparation purposes. You can contact me through the Echo Press as I do not wish to publish my personal phone number.

Richard Thompson

Alexandria, MN