To the editor:

The state of healthcare in Minnesota is stark: 350,000 people are uninsured

and 400,000 are underinsured, meaning they aren't going to the doctor at

times because of the cost of copays and deductibles. The United States

spends the most on healthcare per person than any country in the world and

the quality is not the best. We can and must do better.

The one solution to this we can't take is another "reinsurance" program

like that adopted by the state in 2017 and 2018. This program gave $542

million over two years to health insurance companies in hopes of lowering

rates, without making sure that actually happened. It was a massive giveaway

to large companies with taxpayer dollars. And because of this program,

Minnesota lost access to nearly $100 million in federal funding. Total cost

of this single program was over $600 million. Minnesota can achieve better

things with an investment of over half a billion dollars.

The solution is the Minnesota Health Plan. This bill would create a

Minnesota health service and would guarantee healthcare to all Minnesotans.

It would eliminate the expensive middle men of insurance companies and

decrease overhead costs for healthcare services. This would create a better,

more efficient and fairer healthcare system. I encourage you to contact your

legislators and ask them to support this bill.

Alex Orlowski

Minneapolis, MN