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Letter to the Editor: Separating children from parents is monstrous

To the editor:

The Trump administration has separated over 2,000 children from their parents. This is immoral. It is ugly. It is monstrous. It is not Christian.

In a Christian nation, children are not separated from their parents. Children are not put in cages. Children are not disappeared.

The Trump Administrations excuses for these monstrous actions is that these people are illegal. They are law breakers. In the past, people have used the same excuses. They have said, "We are just following orders, we are just following the rules." They used these excuses as they did monstrous things.

In Trump America, some are saying we are just "making America Great Again." We are just following orders. We are just following rules as we look the other way. Thus we are not guilty of these monstrous actions.

Robert Peterson

Henning, MN