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LETTER: Southern Poverty Law Center deserves support

To the editor:

The letter to the editor (April 13) concerning the Southern Poverty Law Center needs correcting.

SPLC designates hate groups based on whether they attack or malign an entire class of people.

Occupy Wall Street is a protest movement against corporate greed and corruption, economic inequality, and the undue bearing of corporations on government. SPLC does not cover it because Occupy is not a hate movement. Of course, SPLC doesn't condone violent actions of individuals who may otherwise claim identity with a particular movement.

Granted there are plenty of foreign terrorist groups that need calling out. However, the SPLC is busy enough with domestic hate organizations such as the Family Research Council whose positions are a dangerous influence in maintaining bias against minorities.

Cited in the letter is information gathered from CNS news. CNS news? Hardly a balanced and trustworthy source.

The letter also did not mention the SPLC retraction of the Ben Carson article.

The SPLC deserves our support in their efforts to identify hate groups and to promote inclusion.

Joel Levie

Evansville, MN