ROCHESTER — Some diet plans seem doable in theory. But if you never feel full and are always a little hungry, you might have a hard time sticking to a plan. The Volumetrics diet is about eating healthy foods that are filling, but low in calories.

"If a diet’s message is just to ‘eat less,’ many people are going to end up being hungry,” says Dr. Barbara Rolls, creator of the Volumetrics diet and professor at Penn State University. “The good thing about Volumetrics is you can still have a full plate, just with fewer calories. You get your usual portions and you end up eating healthier.”

Rolls explains that the diet is based on filling your plate with foods that are low in calorie density. Think foods that contain a lot of water, such as fruits and vegetables and broth based foods. The plan recommends that you avoid high-fat foods that pack a lot of calories in each small bite.

Rolls says this plan allows you to have a full plate of food without a lot of calories. A trick to adding flavor without bosting calories is to add plenty of herbs and spices (not including salt).

The Volumetrics diet ranked #1 on the US News and World Report's Best Weightloss Diet list for 2022. It tied on that list with the Flexitarian Diet and the Weight Watcher's Diet. I'll be talking with nutrition experts about pros and cons of all of these diets in an upcoming podcast.

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