I love napping. A recent study in the British Medical Journal, General psychiatry, shows napping may improve your cognitive function – your mental prowess. Dr. Chad Asplund, a Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine expert who specializes in sleep and athletics, told me that he thinks naps are underrated. He says for many people, a quick 20-minute power nap can help boost energy for the rest of the day without disrupting your sleep at night.

Asplund mentioned another type of nap that I find to be very intriguing. He calls it the "nappuccino."

"We do this with special ops in the military and with our drone pilots in the Air Force," says Asplund. "We give them a caffeine supplement or small cup of coffee, then they take a power nap."

Asplund says it takes 30 minutes for the caffeine to come on board, so when you wake up after the power nap, you experience the effects of both the caffeine and the nap. The "cappuccino" is for healthy adults who can handle the caffeine.

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