Girl born 11/8/2021 to Jessica and Luke Kratovil of Evansville.

Girl born 11/11/2021 to Greta and Cody Rieland of Nelson.

Girl born 11/13/2021 to Meagan and Kyle Steffenson of Evansville.

Twin boys born 11/17/21 to Alexandra and Preston Bowden of Osakis.

Girl born 11/17/2021 to Kaitlyn Dyrstad and Shane Sander of Alexandria.

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Girl born 11/17/2021 to Jasmine Thompson and Nicholas Rodriguez of Alexandria.

Boy born 11/18/2021 to Mackenzie Malsom and Noah Hanson of Sauk Centre.

Girl born 11/19/2021 to Emma Koenen and Gage Roers of Alexandria.

Girl born 11/20/2021 to Tiffani and Reed Hanson of Ashby.

Girl born 11/21/2021 to Kelsey and Colin McKim of Alexandria.

Boy born 11/22/21 to Megan and Kyle Barrows of Parkers Prairie.

Girl born 11/28/21 to Megan and Collin Modahl of Alexandria.

Year to date, births 561