Zebra mussels found in Douglas County's Lake Moses

Lake is near Millerville in western Douglas County

According to the DNR, zebra mussels are small animals with a striped, D-shaped shell composed of two hinged valves. The shells are typically one-quarter inch to one and one-half inches long, depending on age, with alternating yellow and brownish colored stripes. (Photo courtesy of Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says it has found zebra mussels in two more Douglas County water bodies.

Lake Moses and an unnamed stream connecting the lake to Lake Aaron near Millerville are now listed on the state's list of infested waters. Lake Aaron was determined to have zebra mussels earlier this year after a snorkeler reported seeing three attached to a rock and others were discovered by DNR staff.

Zebra mussels cause problems for native species and for people. They compete with native species for food and habitat, cut the feet of swimmers, reduce the performance of boat motors, and cause expensive damage to water intake pipes.

The state agency announced the additions to the infested waters list on Friday, Sept. 11.

People should contact a Minnesota DNR aquatic invasive species specialist if they think they have found zebra mussels or any other invasive species.


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