The region's summer of 2020 started out with excessively dry topsoil, which helped the warm weather pattern produce a warm start to the summer. However, numerous heavy rains in July and August saturated the ground, helping to cool things off. The average daily mean temperature in August (69.2 degrees) was actually cooler than June (71.5 degrees). June delivered eight days in the 90s, and July brought another five, but there was only one 90-degree day in August.

The summer still finishes with the sixth-warmest average daily mean temperature at 73.3 degrees. Nights brought up the average. The average daily low temperature of 59.9 degrees ranks in a four-way tie for second-warmest, trailing only 1988 for warm nights.

The combined summer rainfall of 12.31 inches ranks 25th-wettest out of 140 years. For Grand Forks, the June-August rainfall of 15.01 inches ranks seventh out of 128 years. The average daily mean temperature of 69.6 degrees ranks in a tie for 12th-warmest alongside 2012, 1955 and 1916.

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