It has been a hot summer, relative to average, all across our region. There have been very few cool nights and very few mild days.

Fargo has reached 90 degrees 12 days already, with more coming. The average daily mean temperature is running about 4 degrees warmer than average. For perspective, had the temperature at all times this summer been about 4 degrees cooler, it would have been near average.

Rainfall, however, is much more variable. Where it has rained, it has poured. Most of northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota have received double or more of average rain since June 1. Much of the region between Bismarck and Jamestown has received less than half of average rain so far this summer. This variance is due to the nature of scattered, heavy thunderstorms, particularly those that have occurred during periods of hot and humid weather. Storms during these conditions tend to be quite heavy, but also quite scattered.