Like it or not, winter is making an early arrival, which has prompted the city of Alexandria to issue a reminder about city's sidewalk snow and ice removal policy.

Property owners should remember to keep their sidewalks clear.

"Please understand, there are many different users of these important pathways," said Sara Stadtherr, communications coordinator for the city. "We appreciate your attention to this policy."

According to the policy, the owner or tenant of private property abutting the public sidewalk is responsible for removing all snow and ice within 24 hours after the snow or ice event has ended. (Separate rules apply in the downtown area.)

If a public sidewalk is not cleared within that time, the city’s public works crews may remove the remaining snow and ice and charge those costs back to the abutting private property.

If there are public sidewalks in your neighborhood that have not been cleared, contact the city’s Public Works Department at 320-759-3631 to let them know.