Vehicular homicide suspect may get temporary release from jail

On May 17, a proposed furlough order was filed that said Tabitha Sue Sigler, 22, could be granted a furlough to the Recovering Hope Treatment Program in Mora.

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PINE COUNTY โ€” The Cambridge woman accused of vehicular homicide stemming from an incident last May that left a Garfield man dead could be temporarily released from jail.

On May 17, a proposed furlough order was filed that said Tabitha Sue Sigler, 22, could be granted a furlough to the Recovering Hope Treatment Program in Mora.

The order has not been signed by the judge at this time.

Under the terms of the order, Sigler would be picked up from Pine County Jail by Recovering Hope staff and transported directly to the facility. After completion or discharge, Sigler would be transported directly back to the Pine County Jail.

The furlough order also reads that:


  • The facility will notify the Pine County Detention Center if Sigler leaves their program for any reason.
  • Upon request, the Pine County Detention Center staff or the Pine County pre-trial agent is authorized to receive confirmation from the facility staff that Sigler is still at the facility.
  • Sigler is required to sign a release of information allowing the Pine County Jail programming staff or the pre-trial agent to obtain information from the facility.
  • Sigler is responsible for all costs associated with the furlough.
  • Sigler is required to be at the treatment facility or at Pine County Jail. She may not leave the grounds of the facility for community outings and may not be transferred to another placement without court approval.

Additionally, the furlough order reads that if Sigler leaves the facility, she must immediately return to the Pine County Detention Center. Failure to comply with this requirement will be deemed an escape from custody, subjecting Sigler to possible criminal prosecution.
Sigler was charged with criminal vehicular homicide โ€” operating a vehicle with any amount of a Schedule 1 or 2 controlled substance โ€” after an incident that resulted in the death of Dave Greiner of Garfield. Greiner, a long-time member of the Minnesota Air National Guard, was planning to retire and was on his way to one of his last drill weekends in Duluth on Friday, May 14, 2021.

Sigler was arrested by the Pine County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, March 16, for violating the conditions of her release.

Sigler has a criminal record in Minnesota dating back to 2018. Court records show that in 2020 she was convicted of theft of a motor vehicle, fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle and giving false information to police stemming from an incident that took place in 2019.

For this same incident, Sigler was also acquitted of two felony assault charges and attempted murder in the first degree.

According to court documents, Sigler was accused of swerving a stolen Jeep directly at a police officer in an intentional attempt to strike him. She was driving 100 miles an hour at the time, the document read.

Sigler's next court appearance is an omnibus hearing scheduled for July 19.

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