U.S. Senate candidate Chris Dahlberg, who was found in a recent statewide poll to be the closest Republican challenger to Senator Al Franken, will make a campaign stop in Alexandria Thursday, January 23.

He will host a “meet and greet” at the Perkins Family Restaurant from noon to 1 p.m.

“Minnesotans are tired of feeling detached from their national leaders while seeing more of their hard-earned dollars spent on taxes,” said Dahlberg, who is a commissioner on northern Minnesota’s St. Louis County Board. “We need to get back to having more input from everyday Minnesotans about what’s really important, and that’s what I’m seeking as I visit people all over the state.

Dahlberg is a 52-year-old Duluth resident who retired from the Army Reserve on October 1 after 25 years of service.

In a statewide poll conducted October 27-29, North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling reported that the gap between Franken and Dahlberg was 10 percentage points. Forty-nine percent said they would vote for Franken in a head-to-head race vs. Dahlberg, who was supported by 39 percent. All other candidates were from 11 to 13 points behind Franken.

Dahlberg is the only Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who is from outside the metro area.

The Dahlberg campaign web address is www.DahlbergNow.com.