Motorists who chose to drive south a ways past Tastefully Simple on County Road 45 SW on their way to work Wednesday morning encountered an unusual site on the road: a house on the road.

David and Debbie Ziegelmann purchased the house from the Anderson family, and were moving it nearly off farmland near Johnson Lake (site of the Anderson Bash the past two summers) to their property on Rockwood Road SW, between lakes Mary and Andrew.

That's a span of nearly five miles mostly southwest and crossing I-94, and required a lot of manpower, from the sheriff's office helping directing traffic to three power companies – Runestone Electric Association, Otter Tail Power and Great River Energy, according to Ziegelmann – cutting electricity and taking down overhead lines.

Neil Anderson, owner of Anderson Building Movers, was in charge of getting the home from one location to the other.

The house wasn't any old house, either. Its new owners believe the house dates back about 100 years, and it has been referred to as both the Adolph Wagner house and the Tastefully Simple house.

Wagner, who died in July 2018 at the age of 85, lived in it for most of his life. Then from 2002 until the Andersons bought the property in early 2017, it was "preserved by Tastefully Simple, Inc." or so pronounced a burgundy sign that referred to the land as Lake Bountiful.

"It was a beautiful place," said Jackie Petrie of Tastefully Simple. "We used (the property) for years, for team events. We had kayaks and canoes, and a big walking trail we used to groom." She said team members could also reserve it for events.

The house is winding up on a one-acre lot where David Ziegelmann has lived for around four decades. "I just got tired of water problems," he said of their previous house, which was torn down three weeks ago.