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Poetic Justice: Using a microphone to expose serial pedophiles

Poetic justice is a term we use when wrongdoing is punished and virtue rewarded in an ironical way. In South Africa, one victim of a sex crime chases down serial pedophiles with his strong voice and rich, poetic-like language. Learn more about Deon Wiggett in the latest episode of Dakota Spotlight.

Deon Wiggett is the founder of Fairly Famous, an activist progressive agency in South Africa. With his podcast My Only Story, Deon set out to locate and reveal a serial pedophile. Contributed / Fairly Famous

Turning the tables on his offender

  • This is part of a summer series of podcast interviews by James Wolner of Dakota Spotlight with national and international journalists all using the podcasting medium as a way of telling their stories and seeking justice. Listen on any podcast platform ( Apple , Spotify , Stitcher etc) or below.

LISTEN to Dakota Spotlight's interview with with Deon Wiggett producer, writer and host of the riveting podcast My Only Story .

When his father passed away in 2017, Deon Wiggett was astonished to suddenly recall several dormant memories; things his brain had promised to never remember. The then 37-year-old South African copywriter realized that he had completely blocked out a traumatic experience from his youth. Deon had been raped by a teacher when he was teenager.

Disbelief and anger were soon replaced with an action-plan. The result is a powerful and riveting podcast named My Only Story .


"They have taken away so many peoples' safety, so why should they feel safe?"

Deon Wiggett, creator of My Only Story on his methods of tracking down serial pedophiles

Setting the trap for a rapist

In My Only Story Deon Wiggett goes looking for others who may have suffered the same abuse by the same man. With an objective of removing this threat to society, Deon sets out to face his own personal demon and expose the man who sexually abused him. Along the way, Wiggett learns plenty about how a serial pedophile uses deception to avoid being held accountable. When Wiggett harnesses these tactics himself and uses them to set a trap for his own rapist, My Only Story clearly feels like a work of poetic justice.

Told with rich language by Wiggett's very personal and intimate voice, My Only Story is a gripping and suspenseful ride that touches on justice, activism and revenge.


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My Only Story by Deon Wiggett is an investigative podcast from South Africa. Contributed / My Only Story

My Only Story by Deon Wiggett is an investigative podcast from South Africa. Contributed / My Only Story

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