Dakota Spotlight special: How a family turned to a podcast for help after being dismissed by police

When 51-year-old Australian schoolteacher Marion Barter disappeared while taking a sabbatical to travel the world local authorities dismissed the family's concerns. 25 years later, the dogged efforts of The Lady Vanishes podcast are uncovering a disturbing story.

Marion Barter of Australia traveled abroad in 1997 and then vanished. Contributed / Seven News, Australia
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Editor's note: This is a special 'between seasons' episode of the Dakota Spotlight podcast. James Wolner, founder and host of the podcast, features unique and interesting interviews in the world of true crime on the podcast between seasons of the show.

When her 51-year-old, divorced and single mother failed to return to Australia from a trip abroad, Sally Leydon asked the police for help. Authorities dismissed her concerns and maintained that Sally's mother, Marion Barter, had disappeared voluntarily and was alive and well. 25 years later, an Australian podcast is uncovering the chilling truth behind Marion Barter's disappearance.

Listen to: Interview with Alison Sandy of The Lady Vanishes podcast

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Three years in the making, through dogged research and investigation, The Lady Vanishes podcast has painstakingly done what Australian authorities were reluctant to do. Their findings are uncovering a disturbing scenario. Was Marion Barter a victim of a confidence scheme choreographed by a con man with a criminal past? If so, what happened to Marion Barter? Thanks to The Lady Vanishes podcast, the world may soon find out.


In this episode of Dakota Spotlight, James Wolner again speaks with Alison Sandy , journalist and producer of The Lady Vanishes, to discuss the case. Dakota Spotlight first interviewed Alison Sandy for this story in 2021.

Australian journalist Alison Sandy teamed up with Seven News Australia to help Sally Leydon look for answers about her missing mother Marion Barter. Contributed / Seven News Australia
Marion Barter worked for years as a schoolteacher before vanishing in 1997 Contributed / Seven News Australia
Sally Leydon is the driving force behind efforts to find out what happened to her mother. Contributed / Seven News, Australia
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