The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has confirmed zebra mussel larvae in water samples taken from Ten Mile Lake near Hackensack in Cass County, and Lomond Lake, which abuts the city of Bagley in Clearwater County, officials announced Monday, Oct. 28.

Lomond becomes the first Clearwater County lake listed for zebra mussels, a release said. Recent laboratory analysis showed 30 microscopic zebra mussel larvae, called veligers in a water sample taken from the lake in August.

A DNR research scientist identified 17 microscopic zebra mussel larvae in Ten Mile Lake in a water sample taken from the lake in September.

Both lakes will be added to the infested waters list for zebra mussels, so that people who harvest bait or fish commercially take necessary precautions.

The DNR recommends lake property owners carefully check boats and trailers, docks and lifts, and all other water-related equipment for invasive species when removing equipment for seasonal storage.

It is also especially important to follow Minnesota’s law and keep docks and boat lifts out of the water for at least 21 days before putting them into another body of water, the release said.