Osakis Police Blotter: September 8-14

Police car


September 8

Commercial burglary alarm, false alarm, spoke with two persons, issues with code, 3rd Avenue E.

Patrol at start of school, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.


Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Citation for speed, Lake Street.

Check welfare, male riding bike was in backyard playing with toys, sent him home and he went to the neighbor's house and did the same thing, spoke with parent, Pike Street W.

Warning for no headlight, 8th Avenue W.

September 9

Threats, three people threatening caller over the phone with a gun over last few days, two females came over and punched through the screen and left, persons fighting and one reportedly broke the wiper off another person's vehicle before heading to caller's, 7th Avenue W.

Check welfare, caller reporting no answer after going to pick up person for doctor appointment, person went on his own, Queen Street.


School patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Parking complaint, Main Street W.

Found wallet, will relay to Pope County, dropped off at law enforcement center, Nokomis Street W.

School patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Vehicle unlock, Becker Drive NE.

Harassment, neighbors harassing caller's guests, Lake Street.

Delivered council packets.

Locked park restrooms and checked area, Lake Street E.


Patrol football game.

Traffic stop, failure to maintain lane, ignore, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed in football field parking lot, 3rd Avenue E.

Juvenile trouble, suspicious activity at school, 1st Avenue E.

Traffic control after football game.

Warning for no brake lights, 6th Avenue E.

Noise complaint/disturbance, ignore.

Assist other agency, pickup with no lights and excessive speed, passed to State Patrol, unable to locate, I-94.


September 10

Medical, no transport, Main Street W.

Medical, no transport, fire department handled, 1st Avenue E.

Parking complaint, truck blocking apartment parking lot entry, Central Avenue.

Information, hit and run in Todd County, white SUV, County Road 11.

Property damage hit and run crash, 4th Avenue E.

Found person's ID, Main Street E.

Parking complaint, vehicle blocking driveway, Main Street W.


Vehicle unlock, Nokomis Street E.

Fight/assault, adult arrest, Main Street E.

Warning for driving conduct, 8th Avenue E.

Complaint of loud party, no loud noise observed, Main Street W.

Property damage crash, 1st Avenue E.

September 11

Patrol, observed person urinating in public, indicators of impairment, odor of alcohol, class B violation to be completed, Osakis Liquor.

Traffic stop, adult arrest, County Road 3 SE.


Education/presentation, 3M 9/11 program, South Broadway, Alexandria.

Driver's license found, Nokomis Street W.

Medical, transported, Main Street W.

September 12

Patrol school area, 1st Avenue E.

Information, attempt to locate and check welfare, person has threatened to kill family, history of mental health issues.

Stopped for speed, warning for out of state driver's license, 1st Avenue E.

Citation for window tint, 1st Avenue E.

Patrol at end of school, 1st Avenue E.

Unlocked community center for class.

Warning for trailer lights and headlight out, 2nd Avenue E.

Locked park bathrooms.

September 13

Patrol school area, 1st Avenue E.

Vehicle unlock, Lake Street E.

Vehicle unlock.

Gas line hit, utility company advised, Nokomis Street E.

Patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for cell phone, Nokomis Street W.

Test record, ignore.

September 14

Commercial burglary alarm, all doors secure, Main Street W.

Patrol, 1st Avenue E.

Rolling domestic, female tried getting out of the car, transferred to State Patrol, unable to locate vehicle from Osakis to West Union, Nokomis Street E.

Patrol high school area.

Warning for speeding, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for hands-free law, 1st Avenue E.

Dog running loose, pit bull, patrolled area and unable to locate, Pike Street W.

Vehicle unlock, 1st Avenue E.

Warning for speed, County Road 3 SE.

Warning for speed, Central Avenue.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.


Lowell Anderson has been a photographer and writer at the Echo Press since 1998.
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